Polly Button

2020 saw Katherine bring to fruition a brand new project: a folk-opera based on a true story called The Undoing of Polly Button.  She and Anya have been joined by an incredibly talented cast of local folk performers under the guidance of Lichfield director, David Barton, to create a show which was due to premiere at the Nuneaton’s Abbey Theatre on Easter Saturday 11 April 2020 with matinee and evening performances.  The necessary rescheduling of this should see us able to bring it to the same stage on the anniversary of Polly Button’s death in February 2022.  In order to promote the show, we called upon the talents of folk luminaries Jez Lowe, Lucy Ward, Rowan Godel and Keith Donnelly to sing four of the songs recorded by David de la Haye – see our “Shop” page for how to purchase a copy.  And follow this link to buy tickets for the show: https://www.abbeytheatre.co.uk/whats-on/the-undoing-of-polly-button-a-folk-opera/

Our Polly, played by Jennian King, and her murderer, played by Keith Donnelly.