Daisybell Job Spec!

For those who haven’t heard, lovely Ginny is leaving us, so there is a vacancy to fill.  We’ve been asked to give more details, so here goes:

Katherine and Anya are seeking a new recruit for Daisybell to fill that all-important role that makes this group special: the group has always been primarily about three-part harmony.  If you are a fan of harmony singing, please read on…..

Basically, we need someone to sing the low notes – but it’s close harmony, so if you’re a guy then you’d better have a high tenor range!  We would prefer someone who can figure out their own harmony lines, but don’t let that rule you out if you can’t – we can help.

Instrumental skills would be a definite advantage, but again, it won’t rule you out if all you can do is tap a triangle.

You will need transport and enough time in your schedule to allow for performances around the country, speculative visits to Midlands folk clubs (unpaid), group rehearsals (always includes lunch!) and lots of practice at home.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you need a good sense of humour …. That might already be obvious!

Please message us, or speak to us personally for more information….